Tomorrow is DEMOCRACY DAY at the Roundhouse!

Join an indoor rally in support of the NM Voting Rights Act (HB 4) at the Roundhouse.

Tomorrow is DEMOCRACY DAY at the Roundhouse!

Join us to hear from community members and advocates in support of the New Mexico Voting Rights Act (HB 4 — sponsored by Speaker of the House Javier Martínez, House Floor Leader Gail Chasey, Senator Katy Duhigg, and Representatives Wonda Johnson and Ray Lara).

We’ll be joining our partners and allies in the Capitol Rotunda tomorrow (Thursday, February 16) at 11:30 am.

Our democracy works best when all eligible voters can safely and consistently exercise their freedom to vote without barriers. The 2023 NM Voting Rights Act reflects the will of New Mexicans to have a secure, fair, and equitable voting process.

Some key provisions of the NM Voting Rights Act:

  • Includes the Native American Voting Rights Act, which provides better access to the ballot for people living in rural communities and respects the sovereignty of tribal nations.
  • Simplifies and streamlines restoration of voting rights for New Mexicans who are leaving incarceration. By eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic red tape, we can more easily ensure these citizens have a voice and sense of belonging.
  • Creates a permanent absentee voting list for New Mexicans who wish to receive a ballot in the mail, without the need to request one every election.
  • Provides automatic voter registration for qualified electors through the Motor Vehicle Division and an easy opt-out process for anyone who does not wish to be registered.
  • Makes Election Day a school holiday throughout the state.

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We hope to see you as we celebrate democracy and fight voter disenfranchisement.