Honoring the “Conscience of the Legislature”

A tribute to Representative John Paul Taylor

New Mexico has lost a great champion for ethics, education, seniors, immigrants, children and  low-income people throughout New Mexico. Compassion was a hallmark of Rep. J. Paul Taylor, who once said of his relentless advocacy for children, seniors & the low-income, “If you’re looking for a bleeding heart liberal— that’s what I am.”

But  J. Paul was much more than that. He was the consummate public servant, always a gentleman who listened respectfully and treated ordinary people, parents, teenagers— whoever– as if they were the most important ones in the room. For years his fellow legislators called him the “conscience of the legislature.”

Over a decade ago, he deeded his historic Mesilla home, with its treasures, textiles and art, to the state. His love of NM culture led him to advocate for a Dept. of Cultural Services, NM museums and much more.

RIP John Paul Taylor. There won’t be any the likes of you any time soon.