Luck Continues for Good Government Bills in the Senate!

Luck Continues for Good Government Bills in the Senate!

Common Cause New Mexico worked with Rep. Steinborn to help pass Primary Voting for 17 year olds through the Senate Rules Committee

HB 151, Primary Voting for 17 yr olds, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Steinborn – Las Cruces, passed the Senate Rules Committee yesterday unanimously with bipartisan support. 

This bill passed the House Floor last week by a vote of 47-19 and is now onto the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

HB 151 promotes democracy for our future by encouraging young people to vote.  Over the past decade, pre-registration has steadily emerged as an election reform across the U.S and encouraging people of all ages to register to vote and participate in their government is crucial to the continued viability of our democracy.  

There are still a dozen or so disclosure, ethics and campaign reform bills pending. Hopefully, at least a few will cross the finish line.

Take action today and ask your elected official to support these important bills!

In the House Judiciary Committee, we are still waiting on three bills to be scheduled:

  • HB 278, sponsored by Rep. Jim Smith, to disclose anonymous donors to independent PACs and bring the election code into compliance with recent court rulings. 
  • It has also not heard SB 58, sponsored by Sen. Peter Wirth, to clean up our existing public financing law and prevent personal use of campaign funds. 

The Senate Rules Committee has scheduled two lobbying bills passed by the NM House for their March 18th committee meeting: 

  • HB 155, Rep. Jeff Steinborn’s bill to require additional lobbyist disclosures.
  • HB 241, Rep. Jim Dines’ bill to slow down the revolving door from legislator to lobbyist.

There’s still time to get these bills passed, but it won’t happen without your support!  

Please contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate Rules Committee about the bills listed above and ask them to “Support These Bills!”