Disclosure and Voting Bills Show Some Hustle to Get to the Finish Line!

Disclosure and Voting Bills Show Some Hustle to Get to the Finish Line!

Common Cause New Mexico supported-bill to improve contribution disclosure on the move in the final days of the session

First, the great news!  HB 278, Campaign Finance Disclosure, sponsored by Rep. Jim Smith is scheduled first on the agenda in the House Judiciary Committee at 11am on Thursday, March 19th. This is the bill’s final committee hearing before hopefully proceeding to the House floor.

Onto the Senate Floor for final passage are:

  • HB 155, Lobbyist Regulation Act, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Steinborn which passed Senate Judiciary unanimously today.
  • HB 151, Primary Voting for 17 yr olds, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Steinborn – Las Cruces, which passed the Senate Judiciary Committee tonight unanimously. 

Bills Tabled:

HB 241, “Revolving Door” bill to address a two-year “cooling off” period for legislators to become lobbyists was tabled today in the Senate Rules Committee after heated debate. Our gratitude to Rep. Jim Dines for his tremendous efforts shepherding HB 241 through the House with broad, bipartisan support!  We look forward to working on this issue in the interim.

Common Cause in the News:

KRQE Ch. 13  aired this terrific story of Rep. Dines and Common Cause’s Heather Ferguson on the relationship between our citizen legislature and lobbyists and Rep. Dines mission to “pay his own way.” From the inception of his campaign, Rep. Dines has not accepted campaign funds or gifts from lobbyists or special interests for his position as an elected official.

See this story here!