In cities and states around the country, people are finding innovative ways to restore balance to our elections and hold elected officials accountable to their constituents, rather than just their biggest donors.

Albuquerque is in a position to create big changes – both electorally and within the socio-political landscape. The Democracy Dollars program would empower voters to contribute to candidates they are passionate about and would help ensure candidates are better in touch with constituents.

When we reform campaign finance, seeking and holding elected office will become more accessible to our diverse community.

With a renewed focus on engaging voters, campaigns will diversify – and increase – voter turnout, which has been historically low in Albuquerque in the last 10 years. There is an opportunity to dramatically increase turnout in Albuquerque and shift the public narrative surrounding the city election.


The Albuquerque Democracy Dollars program would:

  • Create a voucher system, giving every Albuquerque resident a voucher that could be contributed to the candidate of his/her choice, pushing candidates to interact with the people they intend to serve and be accessible – and accountable – to the community.
  • Reform Albuquerque’s public financing system to engage voters.
  • Create avenues to success for candidates who previously felt they could not afford to run for office, including people of color, women, workers and new citizens.

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