The Conversation on Lobbying Reform in Nebraska

In America, we have a system of government of, by, and for the people — a democracy in which everyone has an equal voice and our elected officials should listen to our voices.

But today, wealthy special interests and their lobbyists have thrown our system out of balance. They make the rules, they set the agenda, and they do it by drowning out average citizens.

In Nebraska, we know that well-connected insiders have more access to our elected officials and can exert much more influence than the rest of us. That’s why we’re working to improve disclosure of lobbying activities and close the “revolving door” by requiring a cooling off period before former lawmakers can become paid lobbyists.


We’ve long advocated for legislation that returns the power to the people:

  1. An end to fundraisers held during the legislative session.
  2. A two year cooling-off period between being a legislator and a lobbyist.
  3. Better disclosure of food and drink gifts to policymakers (which currently reported as a lump sum).
  4. A ban on all gifts to legislatures from lobbyists.

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