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Gov. Whitmer Signs Weakened Disclosure Bill into Law

“We’re pleased to see Governor Whitmer sign this long overdue ethics reform into law—but ultimately, the law falls short of voters’ expectations. Despite overwhelming, bi-partisan support for greater transparency from our elected officials, lawmakers weakened the law to shield themselves from public scrutiny."

Voting & Elections 11.30.2023

Michigan Becomes First State to Register People to Vote as They Leave Prison

Today, Michigan became the first state to automatically register people to vote as they leave prison. Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law House Bill 4983 requiring Michigan’s secretary of state to coordinate with the Department of Corrections to register people upon their release from prison as part of an expansion of the state’s automatic voter registration (AVR) program.

Nonpartisan Group Urges Lawmakers to Pass Voter Approved Ethics Reform

Days from the end of the state’s legislative session, watchdog group Common Cause Michigan pressed for passage of the Public Officers Financial Disclosure Act.

Money & Influence 10.30.2023

Michigan Legislature Must ‘Prioritize Transparency’ In Passing Financial Disclosure Laws

LANSING, MI — Following the Michigan Legislature’s introduction of HB 5248 - 5258 and SB 613 - 616 — two separate bill packages seeking to define which state officials and their immediate family should disclose their financials to the public and how — Common Cause Michigan is calling on the Legislature to pass legislation implementing comprehensive disclosure requirements.

50 State Report: Michigan Earns Above Average Grade for Redistricting from Common Cause

LANSING, MI — Today, Common Cause, the leading anti-gerrymandering group, published a report grading the redistricting process in all 50 states from the view of the community. The comprehensive report evaluates public access, outreach, and education in each state based on an analysis of more than 120 detailed surveys and more than 60 interviews. 


New Lawsuit Attacks Voter-Approved Election Reforms

LANSING, Mich. — Last night, 11 Michigan GOP lawmakers filed a lawsuit in federal court requesting a declaratory judgment that (1) any ballot initiatives dealing with the “times, places, and manners” of elections violated the Elections Clause of the U.S. Constitution and (2) to invalidate two citizen-passed constitutional amendments regarding elections. Among the amendments is 2022’s Proposal 2, a voting reform ballot measure.

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