Michigan Can Do More in 2024

 As Governor provides update, Common Cause encourages action  

Lansing, MI.   In advance of the Governor’s State of the State speech on Wednesday, Common Cause is encouraging both Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Legislature to continue to prioritize our democracy and safeguard our elections this year.

In 2023, several good steps were taken to protect democracy and increase voter participation.

– Including 9 days of early voting
– Requiring the state to fund absentee drop boxes and postage
– Ensuring only elected officials can conduct election audits
– Joining 48 other states in requiring lawmakers to disclose their finances.

But there is much more work to do to truly make Michigan elections safe, secure and equal for all voters. For example:

– Close the many loopholes that remain in the financial disclosure process.
– Increasing disclosure and transparency in campaign finance, and work to limit the influence of money in politics.
– Adopt the national popular vote in presidential elections
– Rescind the 2014 resolution calling for an Article V convention of states, a dangerous proposal that could completely remove our current Constitution
– Passing the Michigan Voting Rights Act (VRA) to ensure that voting rights remain in place despite attacks on the Federal Voting Rights Act 

“Our elections should be safe, secure, and free for all voters, regardless of political party. While 2023 was a step in that direction, there is much more work to be done,” said Quentin Turner, Common Cause Michigan Executive Director. “We encourage our elected leaders to continue this work to return power back to Michiganders, and we would like to see Governor Whitmer and the legislature lead on these continued reforms this legislative session.”