Legislature Shouldn’t Break Without Passing Pro-Democracy Agenda

Before legislators head off for summer break, Common Cause Michigan is encouraging lawmakers to see the full pro-democracy agenda passed and heading to the governor’s desk.

The following bills need to be acted upon immediately before legislators go home to campaign:

Michigan Voting Rights Act (SB 401-404), which would enact state level protections for voters of color as the federal Voting Rights Act has been eroded.

National Popular Vote (HB 4156/4440), which would allow all voters to feel heard by making sure Michigan’s electoral college votes are awarded to the winner with the most individual voters nationally.

BRITE Act transparency bills (HB 5583-5586) – which would end the lawmaker to lobbyist pipeline, tightening disclosure and lobbying laws, as well as other reforms.

“In recent years, Michigan lawmakers have listened to the people to pass important democracy reforms, but that work is far from being finished. Michigan voters have spoken time and time again that they want our state to be one of the most ethical and transparent governments in the nation with the BRITE Act, that the right to vote is an important freedom we must protect for ALL communities through a Michigan Voting Rights Act, and that they want all voices heard in elections through National Popular Vote,” said Quentin Turner, Common Cause Michigan Executive Director.

“It’s vital the legislature passes these pro-democracy bills into law completely before taking off for summer break to continue Michigan’s ascent into being a national leader in voting and ethics, Turner said.  

Lawmakers will return to finish the legislative session after the 2024 elections.