Common Cause Hawaii Lauds the State for Expanding Opportunities to Vote, Reducing Barriers to Voting

HONOLULU — Today Governor David Ige is expected to sign into law an election and voting reform bill supported by Common Cause Hawaii, a nonpartisan government watchdog organization. House Bill 1248 will convert Hawaii elections to a statewide vote-by-mail system beginning with the primary 2020 election.

In addition to establishing a statewide vote-by-mail system starting with the 2020 primary election, HB 1248 establishes a limited number of voter service centers that will remain open from the 10th business day preceding an election through the day of the election to receive personal delivery of mail-in ballots, offer same day registration and voting, and provide other election services.

Statement from Sandy Ma, executive director of Common Cause Hawaii:

“We need an election system in Hawaii that is fair, secure, and accessible to all eligible voters. HB 1248 moves us in the right direction. Voting rights advocates have worked many years to see a vote-by-mail system enacted. Common Cause Hawaii and its allies look forward to working with the State and counties in implementing the newly enacted law.”

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