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Ethics 06.8.2016

Let the people have their say on council-manager proposal

Common Cause Hawaii op-ed on Maui council-manager proposal

Voting & Elections 02.10.2016

‘Good Government’ Measures Take Another Go At Hawaii Lawmakers

A review of Good Government Bills for the 2016 Legislative sessioin

Ethics 06.29.2015

Intent to Veto: What Bills Will Survive Gov. Ige’s Veto Pen?

Potential list of bills from the 2015 Hawaii State Legislative session, that Governor Ige could veto.

Ethics 05.26.2015

A few wins for good government, but other 'no brainer' bills fail

2015 Hawaii legislative session wrap up by Carmille Lim

Ethics 05.13.2015

Ian Lind: Still No Love for Public Interest Bills at Hawaii Legislature

Recap of good government bills that died during Hawaii's 2015 legislative session

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