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Voting & Elections 05.22.2020

Honolulu Star-Advertiser OpEd Column - Elections office needs to prepare for vote-by-mail problems

In a few months, a potential 750,000 registered voters will vote by mail (VBM) for the very first time statewide in Hawaii. We’re in the midst of a pandemic causing — among much else — unprecedented social disruption and unpredictability. A second wave of COVID-19 is predicted during the lead-up to the general election in the fall. Many voters will not understand the new VBM process, or even be aware of it until days or hours before it begins. Common Cause Hawaii has already heard questions such as, “Do I have to register again?” (No, you don’t.) Yet the proclamation lists only two voter service centers (VSCs) on Oahu, three on Maui, two on Hawaii island and one on Kauai as sufficient to handle not just in-person voting, same-day voter registration and the collection of voted ballots — but also the lost, undelivered and spoiled ballots, plus the confusion, mistakes, mishaps and countless questions that VBM’s launch will inevitably bring.

Voting & Elections 05.14.2020

Honolulu Civil Beat - Community Voice - Hawaii Is The Envy Of The Nation — For Voting At Home

Hawaii's all mail-in voting system is being touted as the cure-all that could save lives and preserve democracy, when voting during the coronavirus pandemic. Under Hawaii’s new vote-by-mail law, there will no longer be traditional polling locations. There will, instead, only be eight voter service centers statewide for people to vote in-person, same-day register to vote, or perform other necessary voter services. However, comprehensive planning will be critically important for Hawaii’s all mail-in Aug. 8 primary and Nov. 3 general elections to be successful.

Voting & Elections 04.14.2020

Under coronavirus, voting in person could risk personal safety. Hawaii voters should make sure they are registered.

Voting in coronavirus times is perilous and likely to make in-person voting at the polls difficult. Expanding access to voting and the voter base is something everyone can get behind. There is no better way to express one’s opinion and to exercise a vital right. Please Click on the link to read the entire OpEd.

Voting & Elections 12.13.2019

CivilBeat: Common Cause Hawaii's OpEd calling for more voter service centers

Vote-by-mail is coming to Hawaii in 2020, due to a law passed by the 2019 Hawaii State Legislature. Hawaii’s registered voters will no longer be voting at traditional polling places, such as schools and community centers on primary and election days. Ballots will be automatically mailed to all registered voters starting with the 2020 elections. Common Cause Hawaii advocates for more Voter Service Centers to make this voting process go smoothly.

Voting & Elections 12.3.2019

Honolulu Star-Advertiser: Government group raises alarm as state moves to all-mail voting

Common Cause Hawaii is urging election officials to open more than a handful of Voter Service Centers in Hawaii next year to ensure that all voters are able to vote in-person as the State for the first time transitions to all Vote By Mail.

Voting & Elections 07.9.2019

Civil Beat: Hawaii Critics Fear Citizenship Question Could Skew Hawaii Census

As President Donald Trump’s administration continues to pursue adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census, some advocates for immigrants in Hawaii worry that the Aloha State could be disproportionately affected if Trump is successful.

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