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Keep Florida Voting

All previous mail ballot requests expired after the November 2022 election. Registered Florida voters who want to continue voting by mail must submit a new vote-by-mail ballot request.


How Floridians Can Help Each Other Register to Vote

This is a guide about how Floridians can help each other with voter registration. Keep reading to learn more about voter registration in Florida and what you as a private citizen can (and cannot) do to help. 

Voting & Elections 10.15.2022

How to Vote in Florida

A summary of the ways to vote in Florida, with links to key government tools and resources.


In the aftermath of a hurricane, many voters may have questions. You can find answers here.

How to Follow Legislators & Track Legislation Handout


Use this handout for a quick reference to links to the Florida Legislature and other resources for following legislators and tracking legislation during the 2018 Session.

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