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Fighting For Fair Maps in Florida

Fair maps mean counting everyone equally, playing by the rules, and having a transparent process. We must end gerrymandering to create a democracy where everyone’s voice is heard.

This problem is widespread — and wherever it happens, gerrymandering denies voters our right to fair representation and a meaningful choice at the polls.

In November 2010, Floridians overwhelmingly passed the Fair Districts amendments. However, when it came time to draw new maps in advance of the 2012 elections, the Florida Legislature did not follow the rules. We all saw the consequences of this: Republicans won almost ⅔ of Florida’s congressional seats in 2012, even though only a little over half of Floridians voted for them.

Common Cause challenged the 2012 congressional and State Senate maps in court, and the courts struck the maps down in 2016. But the damage was done — communities across Florida were deprived of the chance to make their voices heard.

When it came time to redraw the maps again in 2022, the Florida Legislature gerrymandered the maps once again. Common Cause Florida, Fair Districts Now, and individual voters from across Florida asked the federal court to step in to ensure that Florida voters could vote in congressional districts of equal population based on 2020 Census data as required by the US Constitution.

Our redistricting litigation is ongoing!

Read about the case and all litigation updates here.

See how Florida was graded this past redistricting cycle in a new report by Common Cause and coalition partners.

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Fair districts stop partisan politicians from manipulating voting maps to keep themselves and their party in power.

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