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Floridians who want to keep voting by mail must submit a new mail ballot request.

Los floridanos que deseen seguir votando por correo deben enviar una nueva solicitud de boleta por correo.

To request a vote-by-mail ballot, you first need to be registered to vote in Florida. For more information on voter registration, check out our guide on How Floridians Can Help Each Other Register to Vote!


New Vote-by-Mail Rules

As a result of a 2021 elections law (SB90), all previous mail ballot requests expired after the November 2022 election. Registered Florida voters who want to continue voting by mail in 2023 and 2024 must submit a NEW mail ballot request. New requests are now required after each general election cycle. Voters must also now include either their Florida driver license/ID card number and/or the last four digits of their Social Security number on their vote-by-mail ballot request.

Double Check Your Status

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How does voting by mail work in Florida?

1. Register to vote in Florida.

  • If you have a Florida driver license or State of Florida ID card, you can register online at
  • If you do not have a Florida ID, check out our guide for detailed information and resources about how to register to vote in Florida.

2. Request a vote-by-mail ballot from your county Supervisor of Elections office:

  • Request your vote-by-mail ballot online, by phone, in person, or in writing. You will need to provide your name, home address, date of birth, and Florida driver license/ID card number or the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • ANY registered Florida voter can vote by mail. No excuse is needed. And even if you request a vote-by-mail ballot, you can still decide to vote in-person instead on Election Day or during Early Voting.
  • If you need your vote-by-mail ballot sent to someplace other than your residence or regular mailing address (any address that the Supervisor of Elections does not already have on file for you), you must submit a signed written request using the Statewide Vote-by-Mail Ballot Request Form. Complete the top section of the form and indicate the specific mailing address of where you would like your vote-by-mail ballot to be mailed. Remember to sign the form and submit the completed form to your Supervisor of Elections office via mail or email.
  • Voters with disabilities can also request accessible vote by mail to receive a mail ballot that they can fill out with their preferred assistive technology.
  • Request your mail ballot at least 12 days before Election Day. If you miss this deadline, you will have to go pick up the ballot for that election from the county elections office and an emergency excuse affidavit may be required.
  • Voters who need help requesting their vote-by mail ballot can designate a member of their immediate family or their legal guardian to request a vote-by-mail ballot on their behalf. To request a vote-by-mail ballot for someone who directly instructed you to do so, complete both sections of the request form.

3. Vote your mail ballot:

  • Read the materials that come with your ballot and follow all instructions.
  • Remember to sign the back of the mail ballot return envelope.
  • Include your phone number and/or email on the envelope so that the Supervisor of Elections can contact you easily if there is a problem.

4. Return your vote-by-mail ballot by 7:00pm on Election Day:

  • If you mail it, do so at least 10 days before Election Day so that it gets there in time. A postmark date is not enough.
  • You can choose to drop your ballot off at any Supervisor of Elections office in your county or in an official secure ballot intake station.
  • You can also ask someone else to drop your ballot off for you. Voters can drop off ballots for immediate family members and up to 2 additional people per election.
  • You cannot drop off your mail ballot at your regular polling location on Election Day, but you can exchange it and vote in person instead.

5. Track your mail ballot online to ensure your vote-by-mail request was processed, to see when your ballot is mailed to you, and to ensure your ballot is received on time by the Supervisor of Elections and counted.

Prefer to vote in person? Click here for info on all the ways to vote in Florida!

Take Action!

Let you family, friends and community know about the new vote-by-mail rules,
and check out our guide on how Floridians can help each other register to vote!