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Voting & Elections 06.28.2018

Term limits: NO — A feel-good initiative that will only make matters worse

For those who argue that term limits will resolve all the failings of our elective offices, I suggest that we’ve always had term limits, which is embraced in the simple right to vote. If we don’t like our politicians, we can vote them out of office.

Planet Money: How politicians tried to sneak gerrymandering back into Florida—in disguise.

Florida should be a swing state. But for the past 25 years, most of its representatives have been Republicans. That's because Republicans drew electoral maps that favored their own candidates. They gerrymandered. Then, in 2010, Florida tried to fix this. Citizens passed ballot initiatives that outlawed partisan gerrymandering.

Three of them must retire on the same day Gov. Rick Scott’s term ends. But no one knows who’s replacing them yet -- Scott or his successor?

Justices on the Florida Supreme Court know long in advance the date on which they must retire, but few of them have worried a great deal about the exact hour. Now a big power play in state politics may turn on that arcane question.

Who gets to appoint 3 new Florida justices, Rick Scott or the next governor?

The issue before the court was whether Gov. Rick Scott has the authority to appoint three new justices to replace three current justices whose terms expire on the same day he leaves office in January 2019. Those appointment could tip the 4-3 balance of the court from progressive to conservative.

Watchdogs decry Constitution Revision Commission’s proposed rules

Proposed rules for the Constitution Revision Commission could let members deliberate in secret, limit public participation, bottle up ideas in committee, or bog down debating proposals with little support, government watchdog groups warned Monday.

Money & Influence 12.10.2016

Dozens of Florida political committees being fueled by millions in ‘dark money’

TALLAHASSEE | Families for Safety and Prosperity is a political committee created in September to support the slot machine referendum in Jacksonville. But you wouldn’t know that from the official documents the committee filed with the state.

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