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Voting & Elections 05.28.2024

Florida Cannot Allow its Voter List Maintenance to be Dictated by Error-Prone Software

"Private individuals mass-questioning the voting eligibility of thousands of their fellow voters is un-American, and it's not allowed under Florida law," said Sylvia Albert, Democracy and Representation Policy Counsel of Common Cause.

Media & Democracy 04.26.2024

New AI Law Leaves Voters in the Dark

“Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature missed an opportunity to protect voters from the threats presented by AI and deepfakes in our elections," said Amy Keith, executive director of Common Cause Florida.

Voting Rights Groups Send Congressional Map Back for Review

“A map that moved through the legislative process with intent to discriminate against the voters cannot stand,” said Amy Keith, Common Cause Florida Executive Director.

Federal Court Declines to Halt Unfair Voting Map

Yesterday, a federal court in Florida ruled that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ congressional map that intentionally silences Black voters can remain in place for the 2024 election.

Ethics 03.14.2024

Common Cause Florida Sends Letter to Gov. DeSantis: Veto Dangerous Ethics Bill

“This isn’t about minimizing frivolous complaints; this is about making complaints almost impossible,” said Amy Keith, executive director of Common Cause Florida.


Today’s Media Briefing: Florida’s Presidential Primary & Voter List Maintenance

"Election Protection’s voter assistance resources help voters navigate the current voting rules, whether they choose to vote by mail or vote in person, so that every eligible voter can cast a ballot that counts," said Amy Keith, executive director of Common Cause Florida.

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