In a democracy that works for everyone, voting and elections are free, fair, and accessible.

Common Cause Florida works at every level to expand voting rights and access for Floridians. We fight anti-voter bills and promote pro-voter legislation in Tallahassee, we advocate with election officials to improve election administration and remove barriers to voting, and we undertake voter education to help eligible voters across the state understand their voting rights and navigate confusing voting rules.

Our Keep Florida Voting campaign provides tools and resources for Floridians to protect their own vote and help their neighbors vote!

Learn more here:

  • Vote By Mail: Floridians who want to keep voting by mail must submit a new mail ballot request for 2023-2024!
  • Voter Registration: Check out our guide on how Floridians can help each other register to vote!
  • Ways to Vote: Understand your voting options by learning all about the 3 ways to vote in Florida!

Common Cause has a host of voting tools you can use to verify your voter registration, find out if you are eligible to vote, contact your local elections officials and more >>

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