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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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As 2024 Election Begins, Common Cause Will “Double Down On Work to Protect Voting Rights for All”

"The clock has started in the 2024 election, and our work to protect our elections begins now. We will double down on our work to protect voting rights for all—Democrats, Republicans, and Independents."

Media & Democracy 05.15.2019

Undermining Journalism Serves Trumps Narrow Legal and Political Goals; Apparently the First Amendment Isn’t Too High a Price for Him to Pay

Despite Trump’s attempts to distract the public and control the narrative by waging a war on the media, we simply cannot ignore the dangerous precedent he is setting for the role of the free press in our democracy. By dismissing credible reporting, painting news outlets as a threat, and even endangering the lives of journalists, he’s constantly undermining the free and independent press as one of our core democratic institutions. An informed, engaged public is vital to a functioning democracy. Journalists play a critical role in holding our elected officials accountable and providing the public with news and information to make informed decisions about our government. Trump’s war on the media poses a serious threat to our democracy.

Media & Democracy 09.5.2018

“Fake” News Isn’t Only Issue Facing Media and Our Democracy

So-called "fake" news isn't the only issue people should be concerned about with respect to the media. Even real news has an "infotainment" quality that lends itself to a herd mentality and the corporate mergers that consolidate decision-making in distant corporate HQ that care more about profit and dividends than covering city hall or the school board.

Media & Democracy 06.14.2018

Local Broadcast Giant Has Produced "Must-Run" Segments for Its Stations

The proposed deal with Tribune Media would create a media behemoth

Media & Democracy 04.30.2018

T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Would Reduce Competition, Increase Cost to Cellular Customers

The proposed merger should be "dead on arrival" at the FCC, says former Commissioner Michael Copps.

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