As 2024 Election Begins, Common Cause Will “Double Down On Work to Protect Voting Rights for All”

Washington, DC — Moments ago, former President Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency, officially kicking off the 2024 election.

Statement of Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn 

“The right to freely choose our leaders in a fair election is a nonpartisan issue—and should never be in question.

The last time Donald Trump held the office of the presidency, he nearly destroyed our country’s 200-year long tradition of the peaceful transfer of power.  Since his loss in 2020, he has continued to lead a fringe group of partisan extremists who lie about our system of voting and elections all in an attempt to take away our freedom to vote.

For three decades, Common Cause has mobilized a national, nonpartisan network of volunteers dedicated to ensuring every American can vote freely and safely. In between elections, we work at the local, state, and national level to reform our government so it is more equitable, representative, and accountable.

America is a government of the people—not a government of any one political candidate or party. We cherish our right to freely choose our leaders in fair elections.

The clock has started on the 2024 election, and our efforts to strengthen our elections begins now. We will double down on our work to protect voting rights for all—Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Our top priority is making sure all Americans can vote in a safe and smooth election, and that our elections are free of threats of violence, intimidation, and harassment toward our election officials and voters.

Common Cause will continue our work to stop disinformation in its tracks, inform voters of their rights, and advance a powerful, pro-democracy agenda—regardless of who is on the ballot.

Nothing—no candidate or political party—will distract us from the vital work of protecting our freedom to vote so the power to decide the presidency remains with the people.”