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Census 2020: What are Barr & Ross hiding from Congress?

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform neared a contempt vote for the Attorney General and Commerce Secretary, but President Trump is trying to claim executive privilege to slow their progress. As pressure mounts on the Trump cabinet heads to submit to legislative oversight, Congress must demand accountability.

Fairness at Stake in the 2020 Census: Understanding the Citizenship Question

Adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census will threaten its fairness and accuracy. The census means more than just a count of people living in the country. The data collected will be used to make many crucial decisions, ranging from the distribution of federal funds to local communities, to the drawing of congressional districts. For that reason, the outcome of the Census will affect every person residing in the United States.

Chris Hayes and Ari Berman are All In on Hofeller Papers

The unpacking of evidence from Thomas Hofeller's papers reveals more lies by the North Carolina GOP and how those lies allowed them to continue minority-rule in the state legislature.


Missouri Politicians are Playing Dirty with Clean Missouri Initiative

States are supposed to be laboratories of democracy, just as the Framers of our Constitution intended. But Missouri legislators are ignoring the efforts of citizens from every corner of the state who developed creative policy, collected signatures, and voted overwhelmingly for Amendment 1.

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