In the 21st century, fast, reliable, and affordable Internet service is essential to modern life, yet so many Americans have little or no access to it.

The United States lags behind much of the developed world in providing reliable, affordable broadband service. Those living in rural areas often do not have access to high speed internet in the same way that urban areas do. This makes it more difficult for millions of Americans to move out of poverty, find jobs, obtain health care and social services, access distance learning, and advocate for community change.

Access to broadband also supports a better-informed electorate, a responsive government, and enhanced civic engagement.

The Federal Communications Commission must do more to solve existing broadband inequalities and ensure that everyone has affordable and equal broadband access.

Common Cause is fighting to pass and protect laws to connect everyone to affordable broadband by pushing back against harmful mergers and advancing Lifeline modernization, which specifically connects low-income individuals with broadband.

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