The Affordable Connectivity Program helps every American participate in our democracy

Our phones, tablets, and laptops are our gateways to democracy, and internet access allows us to fully participate. From checking your voter registration status online to finding the nearest polling location, internet access is crucial to actively participating in democracy.


What does the ACP do?

Provides families with discounted or free internet access. $30 a month toward monthly Internet Bill ($75 Tribal Lands) and $100 towards a device. You can learn more at

The Problem: If funding is not passed through congress, the ACP is set to run out of funding by April/May 2024. Millions of homes will be kicked off their internet benefits right before the 2024 elections.

How You Can Help: Contact your legislator and demand that they pass the ACP Extension Act, a bipartisan bill to provide $7billion to extend the program through the rest of the year! As a community member, you are a trusted messenger. Spread the word about the ACP running out of funding by posting information leading actions in your community. Use our tools linked at the bottom of this page to take action to save the ACP!

Volunteer Digital Activists are Taking Action To Bridge the Digital Divide.

Become a Digital Activist

Join Common Cause Media and Democracy for our weekly DDA meetings. Learn about the fight for Digital Democracy + take action with our community of digital democracy activists.

Share Your Story

Do you rely on the ACP for internet Access? Do you rely on the internet to stay informed and participate in our democracy? Are you experiencing Digital Discrimination? We want to hear from You!

Write to Your Legislator

Using our Letter writing tool you can quickly draft a letter that will be sent to your legislators. Share why it is crucial that congress passes more funding for the ACP.

Call Your Legislator

Using Our call your rep tool, call your federal legislators and demand that they renew funding for the ACP before millions lose internet before the 2024 elections!

Write a Letter to the Editor

Be the News! Use our letter to the editor tool to draft and send your letter to your nearest news rooms. Letters to the editor are a tried true and tested method to inform your community!