The Affordable Connectivity Program helps every American participate in our democracy

Our phones, tablets, and laptops are our gateways to democracy, and internet access allows us to fully participate. From checking your voter registration status online to finding the nearest polling location, internet access is crucial to actively participating in democracy.

What does the ACP do?

Provides Eligible Households with discounted or free internet access.$30 a month toward monthly Internet Bill ($75 Tribal Lands) and $100 towards a device.

Apply For the Affordable Connectivity Program Below

You may qualify if you participate in Federal programs like SSI, Section 8, Pell Grants or make at or under 200% federal poverty guidelines (4 person household- $60,000).

Volunteer Digital Activists are Taking Action To Bridge the Digital Divide.

This September, Digital Democracy Activists will be joining another National ACP week of Action for the Back to School Season. push advocating for internet access for all. So far, digital activists have called their legislators, wrote letters to the editor, and shared their stories about the Affordable Connectivity Program. The Digital Democracy Activists are just getting started! With less than half of eligible homes aware of the ACP, we continue to organize our communities and spread awareness for the program. By holding our elected officials accountable for renewing funding & spreading information about internet access will achieve Digital Democracy!

Become a Digital Activist

Join Common Cause Media and Democracy for our weekly DDA meetings. Learn about the fight for Digital Democracy + take action with our community of digital democracy activists.

Share Your Story

Do you rely on the ACP for internet Access? Do you rely on the internet to stay informed and participate in our democracy? Are you experiencing Digital Discrimination? We want to hear from You!

Write a Letter to The Editor

Using our Letter to the Editor tool you can quickly draft a letter that will be sent to your nearest newspapers. We include tips and information that will help you write a letter that is more likely to get published!

Host your Own ACP Awareness Event

Sign Up to host your own ACP awareness event and we will promote it to activists in your area!

Call Your Legislator

Using Our call your rep tool, call your federal legislators and demand that they renew funding for the ACP before millions lose internet before the 2024 elections!