Our democracy needs a diverse, open, independent media -- not a few mega conglomerates controlled by a wealthy few.

The media don’t only inform us, they often are responsible for framing the debate over important issues like healthcare, economic justice, and immigration. That’s why it’s important that a diverse array of voices are included in the conversation.

When the media and social media platforms are owned by a small number of big corporations, it narrows the available perspectives and stifles the investigative journalism that our democracy depends on. And, it makes it harder for people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community to make themselves heard.

A strong democracy requires a competitive, independent media — and big corporate media mergers hurt our democracy. These mega-mergers give Americans fewer choices in accessing news and information in print, over-the-air, and online. We must put the brakes on media monopolization and work towards innovative reforms that put consumers and everyday people first.

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