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Money & Influence 02.23.2016

“Muckracking Monday” – Senator Michael Ranzenhofer and the LLC Loophole

Glenwood Management is now a household name for its role as “Developer-1” in both of the recent corruption indictments to roil Albany. But, why would a New York City real estate development company, with properties concentrated mostly on the island of Manhattan, be interested in financially contributing to an upstate senator?

Money & Influence 10.16.2015

Secret Political Spending Through 501c3 Organizations

One of Common Cause New York's "Solutions for Strengthening JCOPE," Changes to Source of Funding Disclosure

Money & Influence 04.28.2015

Senate Elections Committee Passes LLC Reform Out of Committee

Monday, April 27th, 2015. NY Senate Elections Committee votes to move LLC bill out of Committee - one step closer to a floor vote.

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