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Money & Influence 01.1.2012

Guide to Independent Expenditure Laws

Fact Sheet

Common Cause New Mexico report explains the laws governing independent expenditures.

Ethics 02.16.2010

Good Government Groups Raise Objections to Secrecy Provisions in Ethics Commission Proposals


Common Cause New Mexico, the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, NM Foundation for Open Government, AARP, and the League of Women Voters advocate for the establishment of a strong, transparent independent ethics commission.

Money & Influence 01.1.2009

Connecting the Dots: The Oil and Gas Industry’s Influence on New Mexico Politics


This report from Common Cause New Mexico looks at the oil and gas lobby's influence.

Money & Influence 02.1.2007

Developing Real Influence: The Real Estate Industry and the New Mexico Legislature


Common Cause New Mexico's report detailing how the real estate business impacts state government.

Money & Influence 01.1.2007

The Role of the Health Care Industry in New Mexico State Politics


This report from Common Cause New Mexico examines the connections between healthcare and our politics.

Money & Influence 01.1.2006

Out of Control: The Rise of Campaign Spending in Albuquerque Mayoral Races


This Common Cause New Mexico report looks at big money in the Albuquerque mayor election.

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