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2020 Priority Legislation

Fact Sheet

Common Cause New Mexico outlines our 2020 state legislative priorities.

Money & Influence 01.16.2019

2019 Polling Results


Public support for democracy reforms is growing, with more New Mexicans in favor of campaign finance disclosure, lobbyist regulations and providing a salary to legislators.


Principles of an Effective State Ethics Commission

Common Cause New Mexico describes best practices and principles from ethics commissions across the country, and from legislation debated in New Mexico over the last several years.


A Mock City Council Curriculum From CCNM

This is a curriculum program with lessons and resources for educators who want to engage students in learning civics and government topics.

Money & Influence 03.24.2018

2018 Polling Results


Common Cause New Mexico finds support for a paid state legislature and a longer legislative session.

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