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Money & Influence 01.12.2023

CCNM 2022 Polling Report


The results of our annual survey with Research & Polling show appetite for more professional legislature and better disclosure.

Voting & Elections 08.25.2020

Native Voter Survey and Report


Common Cause New Mexico released a report examining Native American voter participation in the 2020 Primary, as well as in elections of 2012 and 2016. The report was based on information from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office and an informal survey of Native American voters throughout New Mexico conducted in July and August 2020.

Voting & Elections 04.9.2020

Joint Amicus Brief: Vote by Mail 2020

VOTE BY MAIL TO PROTECT DEMOCRACY AND CITIZEN HEALTH Joint Amicus Brief: “Standard in-person voting would force the people of New Mexico to choose between their safety and the exercise of their franchise.”

Money & Influence 01.16.2019

2019 Polling Results


Public support for democracy reforms is growing, with more New Mexicans in favor of campaign finance disclosure, lobbyist regulations and providing a salary to legislators.

Money & Influence 03.24.2018

2018 Polling Results


Common Cause New Mexico finds support for a paid state legislature and a longer legislative session.

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