Common Cause New Mexico “Denounces Violence Directed Toward Public Servants”

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Albuquerque, NM – Several New Mexico elected officials have recently been victim to gunfire hitting their family homes and campaign offices. While it’s too soon to know if these attacks are connected, it’s clear that these elected leaders have been targeted for holding public office and threatened with gun violence. 

Statement of Mario Jimenez, executive director of Common Cause New Mexico

“Elected officials should never be put in harm’s way or made to feel unsafe on the job or in their own homes. Our public servants, regardless of party, are chosen by the people to uphold our nation’s, and the state of New Mexico’s constitution, and work tirelessly to serve all New Mexicans. 

A core tenet of our American democracy is to be able to work across the aisle towards common goals through our legislative, judicial, and election systems through nonviolent measures. With the increasing attacks on our democratic institutions in recent years, it’s alarming to see this violence brought directly to our doorsteps here in New Mexico. 

Common Cause New Mexico unequivocally denounces all violence directed toward public servants and is dedicated to increasing protections for those who work to serve the public and uphold the democratic system that serves us all. In this upcoming legislative session, we plan to ensure that there are steeper consequences for bad actors and that our leaders are better protected from such violence moving forward.”