Common Cause Applauds NM Supreme Court Decision On Redistricting But Cites Need For True Independent Redistricting Commission

For Immediate Release:  

Monday Nov. 27, 2023 

Contact: Mason Graham, Policy Director, Common Cause New Mexico,, 505-417-4012

Mason Graham, policy director of Common Cause New Mexico, applauded today’s New Mexico Supreme Court decision to uphold the 2nd Congressional District Map drawn up by the legislature in 2022, with substantial guidance from the NM Citizen Redistricting Committee, community members and tribes.  

Ninth District Court Judge Fred Van Soelen ruled last month that the redistricting plan for the 2nd Congressional District adopted by the legislature in 2022 did not rise to the level of an “egregious gerrymander,” as alleged by the Republican Party of New Mexico and other plaintiffs. The decision was appealed.  

The New Mexico Supreme Court upheld the Judge Van Soelen’s ruling, finding that it was supported by substantial evidence and free of legal error. 

“The redistricting process was more accessible and transparent this time, due to the involvement of the Citizen Redistricting Committee, but we can make it better,” Graham said.  

Common Cause continues to support a truly independent – not advisory – redistricting commission with binding authority. “We might even be able to save some time and taxpayer dollars in legal fees,” he added. 

Several constitutional amendments for such an independent redistricting commission are expected to be introduced in the 2024 legislative session.  


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