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Money & Influence 07.20.2020

Spending in New Mexico primary highlights dark money at work

“Dark money is harmful to New Mexico voters because they can’t see who is truly behind those ads," said Heather Ferguson, executive director of Common Cause New Mexico.

Former public servants lobby ex-colleagues

Common Cause New Mexico surveys have shown overwhelming support to close the 'Revolving Door' from legislator to lobbyist.

Money & Influence 01.14.2019

Lawmakers continue fight for transparency

Lawmakers, Common Cause New Mexico work for transparency bills in the 2019 legislature

Ethics 01.11.2019

Ethics, Automatic Voter Registration, Campaign Disclosure and National Popular Vote are 2019 Priorities

Common Cause New Mexico Executive Director Heather Ferguson describes our 2019 NM State Legislative priorities.

Money & Influence 04.12.2018

Poll shows NM voters want campaign finance reform

Campaign finance has never been a flashy issue. It’s rarely mentioned in debates. But we think it’s foundational to a functioning democracy. Everyone deserves to have their own voice heard in decisions affecting their families, and to also know who is behind the curtain affecting the outcome. With these poll results, we now think the public is listening, too.

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