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Voting & Elections 09.9.2020

Report: Native American vote suppressed by pandemic

After the COVID-19 pandemic ripped through Indian Country in New Mexico this spring, voter turnout among Native Americans declined while the rest of the state experienced an unprecedented boost in voting during the presidential primary, according to a new report from Common Cause New Mexico.

Voting & Elections 09.8.2020

Report: Primary turnout plunged in Native precincts

A new report by Common Cause New Mexico outlines the damage to Native American turnout in the June 2 election. It found that turnout in Native American precincts fell by 1 percentage point in the 2020 primary election, compared with four years earlier, even as voter participation surged by 8 points throughout the state as a whole.

Voting & Elections 07.28.2020

Heather Ferguson discusses challenges of COVID-19 for democracy

Our Executive Director, Heather Ferguson, sat down with Lorene Mills to discuss the challenges COVID-19 is presenting for our democracy -- from voting by mail to the census and redistricting.

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