Roundhouse Resurrection!

Roundhouse Resurrection!

Common Cause New Mexico had several successes at the Roundhouse, with bills coming off the table for a vote.

Common Cause was busy working on several bills all day today.  Our first priority was HB155 on lobbyist disclosure.  While Rep. Steinborn’s bill was tabled earlier this week in House Regulatory and Public Affairs, Common Cause NM worked diligently with all interested parties today to address the concerns that raised in the committee hearing.  An amendment has been drafted for presentation to the committee tomorrow on the bill which should pull the bill off the table and on to a vote! 

This bill has incredible public support and has attracted attention from voters across the state who want to see more disclosure of what is being lobbied, by whom and how much is spent by lobbyists.  It also will direct the Secretary of State to maintain and archive lobbyist registrations and reports for 10 years in a searchable and downloadable format. 

HB 155 will be heard in the House Regulatory and Public Affairs committee beginning at 1:30 Friday the 13th!

HB 150 – Voter Registration and Early Vote Sites

This legislation will allow more eligible New Mexicans the opportunity to participate in our political process. Amendments are still in the works with all interested parties, and Rep. Steinborn well as addressing concerns raised by the Secretary of State!

HB 241 – Public Officials as Lobbyists aka, “Revolving Door”

This bill, sponsored by Rep. James Dines, R-Albuquerque, would prohibit former statewide elected officials, public regulation commissioners, state legislators and cabinet secretaries from accepting compensation as lobbyists for a period of two years after their service. Currently, approximately twenty-six former legislators lobby the New Mexico state legislature. 

Acknowledging the advantages provided by prior service to the legislature, the federal government and at least 31 states have enacted a “cooling-off period” before a former legislator can come back to work at the legislature as a lobbyist.

82% of New Mexico voters support requiring former legislators to wait at least two years after their term ends before they are able to become paid lobbyists to the legislature.

More news and action updates coming up tonight!