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Money & Influence 03.11.2017

NEW MEXICO Weekly Wrap-up and a look at the Weekend Ahead


Voting & Elections 03.7.2017

NEW MEXICO Monday Win for Ethics

Common Cause New Mexico is thrilled that HJR 8 to create an Independent State Ethics Commission cleared the House Judiciary Committee!

Voting & Elections 03.5.2017

NEW MEXICO Two Weeks Left and we are Still Moving

Common Cause New Mexico is thrilled to announce that Automatic Voter Registration passed the House floor late last night!

Voting & Elections 03.2.2017

NEW MEXICO Voters Win on the Senate Floor

Common Cause New Mexico is pleased to announce that 3-day registration advanced through committee and public financing fixes is up tomorrow!

Voting & Elections 03.1.2017

NEW MEXICO Triple Tuesday WIN!

Common Cause New Mexico celebrates three key bills passing through committee, including Independent Redistricting Commission.

Voting & Elections 02.28.2017

NEW MEXICO Monday Movements on Bills

Common Cause New Mexico has voting, redistricting and lobbyist bills on the move in the Legislature.

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