2015 New Mexico State Legislature Convenes

2015 New Mexico State Legislature Convenes

Common Cause New Mexico outlines events from the 2015 New Mexico State Legislature's Opening Day, including the State-of-the-State and Speaker of the House

The New Mexico State legislature convened Tuesday at noon – the excitement has begun! We told you about our priority bills Monday, and you can download a copy of our summary about them here – we will be updating this blog as they move through the process, and you can receive a weekly summary in your inbox.

Representative Don Tripp from Socorro was sworn in as Speaker of the House – the first Republican in that position since 1953! And we are thrilled he is there – Speaker Tripp is a great representative who cares deeply for his state, and always strives to work in a bi-partisan manner for the good of every New Mexican. Plus, he voted with us three years ago as we passed Memorials through both chambers, asking Congress to overturn the Citizens United decision!

Speaking of Citizens United, today is the 5th anniversary of that ill-fated Supreme Court decision that unleashed a flood of corrupting special-interest money into our elections – drowning out the voices of average voters.  But the one good aspect of the decision was an 8-1 ruling in favor of disclosure! And our new poll shows that 92% of New Mexicans support disclosure and think that we should require all large political contributions from individuals, corporations, PACs, nonprofits and unions be made public.

Our new polling results are in, and we will have the full report later this week – as soon as we do we will let you know all about it!

Tomorrow we hope to update you on committees and committee assignments in the House of Representatives – things are a changin’, and we will keep you up to date every step of the way!