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Voting & Elections 11.6.2023

Por qué Massachusetts necesita el registro de votantes del mismo día: detalles

El Planeta publica un memo de la Coalición para la Modernización de las Elecciones de Massachusetts sobre boletas provisionales.

Voting & Elections 10.26.2023

Rejected ballots cited in push for same-day registration

"For backers of the perennial push to authorize same-day registration, the numbers are proof that the state should be doing things differently."

Voting & Elections 10.26.2023

Report: Mass. gets high marks for transparency, inclusiveness on redistricting

The commonwealth got an A-, the highest grade in the nation.

Voting & Elections 07.6.2023

As states hunt for new voters, Massachusetts adds thousands via Medicaid applications

Executive director Geoff Foster talks about the benefits of Massachusetts's automatic voter registration system.

Voting & Elections 03.21.2023

Healey Adds $734 Million To Expanding Spending Agenda

The Election Modernization Coalition applauds Governor Maura Healey's allocation of $5 million toward the support of municipal elections.

Voting & Elections 03.21.2023

Funds Aim to Support Municipalities With Expanded Mail Voting

Common Cause of Massachusetts executive director Geoff Foster celebrates Governor Maura Healey's budgetary backing of municiple elections.

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