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Money & Influence 08.7.2023

Foreign-influenced political spending is a threat to our democracy

What Massachusetts lawmakers can do to protect our elections from foreign influences.


Vote by mail, early voting, jail-based voting are here to stay!

Voting & Elections 03.30.2021

The VOTES Act Unpacked: Mail-In Voting

Over the coming weeks, we will break down the VOTES Act and do a deep dive to each reform this omnibus election bill includes. We’re kicking things off this week by taking a deeper dive into mail-in voting.

Voting & Elections 11.23.2020

Election Protection 2020: Preliminary Report

This brief details the 2020 Election Protection Program in Massachusetts, and those primary issues that arose on Election Day.


Five Things You Should Do Before Election Day

Election Day is less than one month away. Here are five things you should do between now and November 3.

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