Healey Adds $734 Million To Expanding Spending Agenda

The Election Modernization Coalition applauds Governor Maura Healey's allocation of $5 million toward the support of municipal elections.

This article originally appeared in NBC 10 Boston on March 17, 2023 and was written by Sam Drysdale.  

Below is the Election Modernization Coalition’s quote included in the article following Governor Maura Healey’s allocation of $5 million toward municipal election administration.

“We applaud and thank Governor Healey for this important and timely investment in local democracy! Local election officials have the responsibility in the weeks and months ahead to administer municipal elections with new vote by mail and early voting laws. These laws are important expansions to voting rights, and we need to ensure our municipal administrators have the resources they need to be successful. The timing of this funding couldn’t be better,” said the Election Modernization Coalition, which advocated for the funds.

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