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We're fighting for modern, accurate, and secure elections.

It’s no secret that our democracy works best when every eligible member can participate. That’s why we’re working to improve every step of the electoral process—passing laws that facilitate access to the ballot box, helping voters who have trouble on Election Day, and working with election administrators to ensure our voting systems and machines are safe and reliable.

Voting & Elections Campaigns...


The VOTES Act will make 2020 election reforms that worked for voters permanent, and more to build equitable, accessible, and secure elections.

Protecting Elections During COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has made Common Cause Massachusetts’ work of protecting elections and holding government accountable more important than ever before. Common Cause Massachusetts is leading the fight to protect and modernize our elections in response to this novel virus, by expanding mail voting and making in-person voting as safe as possible.

Yes on 2: Ranked Choice Voting

Bay Staters deserve fair elections that represent the will of voters. Ranked Choice Voting promotes positive, inclusive, and fair elections, which encourages a diversity of candidates and saves money by eliminating the need for run-off elections.

Electronic Registration Information Center

Joining ERIC will help keep Massachusetts' voter rolls up-to-date, secure, and accurate.

Election Protection

Every Massachusetts voter should be able to cast their ballot fairly and freely on Election Day.

Election Modernization

Modernizing our elections makes them secure and efficient, saving public money and safeguarding our votes.

National Popular Vote

As they stand today, presidential elections are not as democratic as you may think—National Popular Vote helps return power to the people.

Automatic Voter Registration

By switching voter registration from an opt-in to an opt-out system, AVR makes our elections more inclusive, as well as more accurate and secure.

Same Day Registration

Same Day Registration simplifies and modernizes the voting process for every eligible voter.

Early Voting

Extending the period during which people can vote makes it easier for hardworking Americans to get to the polls.

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Massachusetts needs accessible, equitable, and secure elections -- ask your legislators to cosponsor the VOTES Act!

Bring Same Day Registration to Massachusetts

In a modern, sustainable democracy, all eligible voters should be able to pass a ballot on Election Day. That's why we're fighting for Same Day Registration.

Endorse the VOTES Act

The VOTES Act will allow Bay Staters to keep voting options that worked for them in 2020, like mail-in voting and expanded early voting, and dismantle barriers to the ballot.

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