As states hunt for new voters, Massachusetts adds thousands via Medicaid applications

Executive director Geoff Foster talks about the benefits of Massachusetts's automatic voter registration system.

This article originally appeared in News from the States on July 6, 2023 and was written by Zachary Roth.  

Below is executive director Geoff Foster’s quote included in the article on Massachusetts’s new automatic voter registration system 

“We know there are folks engaging with these state agencies who otherwise aren’t registered to vote, so this is a great way to ensure they’re getting on the voter rolls,” said Geoff Foster, the executive director of Common Cause Massachusetts, which played a key role in getting the state’s Medicaid AVR system passed.

“AVR was a huge win to address … the disconnect keeping a certain part of our population who are otherwise eligible to vote from getting on the voter rolls. And Medicaid recipients are certainly part of that community.”

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