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We're building a government for everyone, not the wealthy few.

To have a democracy of, by, and for the people, we need a government that gives everyone an equal voice. But today, wealthy special interests and their lobbyists have thrown our system out of balance—they make the rules and set the agenda. That’s why we’re fighting for reforms that diminish the influence of big money in politics.

Money & Influence Campaigns...

Foreign Corporations

Foreign interests should not be able to influence our political system by pouring money into Massachusetts elections.

Disclosure and Transparency

Disclosure in campaign finance is key to a healthy, strong, and fair democracy.

Democracy Amendment

Overturning Citizens United will greatly reduce the influence of big money in our electoral process.

Citizen-Funded Elections

Providing matching funds to amplify the voices of small donors and ordinary voters makes elections fairer and more accessible.

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Bring Election Day Registration to Massachusetts

In a modern, sustainable democracy, all eligible voters should be able to pass a ballot on Election Day. That's why we're fighting for Election Day Registration.

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