Common Cause Illinois Statement on Blagojevich Ruling

    Media Contact
  • Brian Gladstein

CHICAGO, (July 21, 2015) – Common Cause Illinois (CCIL) incoming Executive Director Brian Gladstein released the following statement today in response to the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago ruling which dismissed five of the 18 counts Blagojevich was convicted of in 2011.

“Logrolling may not be illegal but it certainly is unethical. In a state that has been mired with corruption and back room deals, we need to aspire to a political culture that breaks down voter disenfranchisement and special interest control.”

”For too long the people of Illinois have been victims of ineffective and inefficient government that has resulted in crumbling schools, poor healthcare, and high unemployment.”

“I hope that the ruling today is a reminder to everyone that we need ethical elected officials that work for the people to solve our state’s important problems. And we need this now more than ever as we are in the midst of a grave fiscal crisis in Springfield and in communities across our state.”