Illinois Election Protection

At Common Cause Illinois, we are committed to defending voting rights, ensuring the ballot box is accessible for all eligible voters, and safeguarding our voting systems to ensure every voter experiences an election that is both accurate and equitable.

Throughout our tenure, Common Cause Illinois has consistently implemented one of the most extensive voter protection field programs in the state. Every election cycle, we seek to provide a comprehensive statewide voter protection initiative.  This program aids voters in navigating polling stations and educates them about their rights. Moreover, we offer extensive training to nonpartisan volunteer poll watchers, who play a crucial role in ensuring that election judges and poll workers adhere to the law.

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Common Cause Illinois firmly believes that no eligible voter in Illinois should be denied their right to vote due to confusion, suppression, or intimidation.

Recognizing that direct community-based volunteer intervention is the most impactful approach to prevent disenfranchisement caused by factors such as unclear election rules, long lines, inadequately supported polling locations, and acts of intimidation or deceit, we proactively deploy our Election Protection field program during midterm, presidential, and significant municipal elections.

Through our Election Protection program, we strive to eliminate these hurdles and enhance the efficiency of elections by:

  • Guaranteeing voters have unimpeded access to the ballot box
  • Collecting information to highlight potential obstacles to voting
  • Swiftly identifying and rectifying any issues that may arise at polling locations
  • Equipping voters with essential voting information and addressing their concerns

Join us in our efforts to protect the integrity of our elections by signing up to serve as a:

Poll Monitor

Travel to various polling locations during early voting and on Election Day continuously monitoring polling places.

Monitor voter issues outside of the polling place and answer questions; Report any problems and assist voters when appropriate.

WHEN: Early Voting & Election Day


Nonpartisan Poll Watcher

Representative of Common Cause Illinois inside of the polling place to observe the conduct of the election.

Observe the process, assessing whether rules and regulations are followed.

WHEN: Early Voting & Election Day


Election Worker

Individuals serving as a temporary election worker for their local election authorities.

  • Election Judge
  • Election Worker

WHEN: Early Voting & Election Day


Digital Democracy Activists

Monitor news sources for instances of election falsehoods and targeted voter suppression tactics, reporting such instances to Common Cause’s database.

Serve as the first line of defense in combating the spread of election disruption and voter intimidation.

WHEN: Leading up to Election Day through Certification Process


Post-Election Observer

Representative of Common Cause Illinois assigned to carefully observe post-election canvassing process at assigned location(s).

WHEN: Following The Election


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