At Common Cause Illinois, we are committed to defending voting rights, making the ballot box accessible for all eligible voters, and safeguarding our voting systems to guarantee accurate and fair elections.

Every election cycle, we run a nonpartisan Election Protection program in Illinois that helps voters navigate the polls and informs them of their rights. We also provide robust training for poll watchers who help ensure that election judges and poll workers follow the law. In fact, Common Cause Illinois has a history of deploying one of the largest nonpartisan voter protection programs in the state.

Protecting our democracy is not a partisan issue — when a foreign government or anyone else tries to influence our elections, it weakens all of our votes and voices.

It’s why we’re also working hard to fight back against efforts to undermine our elections. There is a national movement afoot to attack our democratic institutions and cast doubts on the electoral process. At Common Cause Illinois, we work with election officials to ensure that information is transparent and accessible, and we have a public education agenda to help people learn about the safeguards that are in place.  The 2020 election was the most secure and monitored ever in America, and we will work on reforms that will continue to continue to have secure and fair elections in every election after.


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