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Money & Influence 07.12.2016

New Poll Shows Majority of Chicago Businesses Support Fair Elections

Common Cause Illinois commends the Committee for Economic Development for commissioning an important new study showing the broad support from the business community for Fair Elections.

Money & Influence 04.28.2016

How Chicago’s White Donor Class Distorts City Policy

How Chicago’s White Donor Class Distorts City Policy

Voting & Elections 01.27.2016

Common Cause IL Response to Gov. Rauner's State of the State Address

Common Cause Illinois Response to Governor Rauner's State of the State Address

Money & Influence 01.13.2016

Fair Elections Ordinance Introduced to Limit Big Money Special Interests

A new ordinance was introduced at today’s city council meeting that, if it passes, will create a small-donor public-financing system for the city of Chicago. The ordinance’s co-sponsors include Aldermen John Arena, Michelle Harris, and Joe Moore.

Voting & Elections 08.27.2015

Common Cause IL Statement to FEC Chair on Need For Campaign Finance Reform

Common Cause Illinois Executive Director Brian Gladstein Testifies to FEC Chair on the Need For Campaign Finance Reform

Money & Influence 07.22.2015

Common Cause Illinois Statement on Blagojevich Ruling

Common Cause Illinois Incoming Executive Director, Brian Gladstein statement on Rod Blagojevich Ruling.

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