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Common Cause Illinois sides with no one but the people as we build a democracy that works for all of us. Every aspect of our elections and representative self-government must be fair, open, accessible, and set-up so we all have faith in the integrity of election outcomes and of those who serve us.

The right to vote and have our voices heard is fundamental to our democracy. Our democracy is stronger when every eligible Americans participates, confident that when they cast a vote that it will be counted as cast, that the process is secure, and that anyone who interferes or tampers with our elections will be held accountable.

Since relaunching our state organization in 2012, we’ve advanced landmark reforms, giving a stronger voice for every Illinoisan. These reforms include implementing Online Voter Registration, Election Day voter registration and most recently, Automatic Voter Registration (AVR). All of these voting rights reforms increase access to the polls and strengthen our democracy as a result.

Working together, we are creating a democracy where everyone participates, and everyone’s voice and vote are counted equally — where everyone plays by common sense rules and we hold accountable those who break them. We all have a right to know who is trying to influence our elections and who lobbies or does business with our government. With more openness from the media and fact-based information that is trusted by voters, our elections will be increasingly fair and clean. And, our government will reflect our values and priorities because it will reflect who we are, how we live and work, and how we define America in the 21st century

We need strong protections in our democracy so every voter’s voice is heard, and everyone’s voice counts equally. That way we can all have an equal say over the decisions that affect our lives. Otherwise, big money yells loudest, sets the agenda, and lets special interests rig the rules in their favor, with tax breaks for the wealthy paid for by cuts in education or health care for the rest of us. We need to strengthen our democracy so that our government works for all of us. Common Cause Illinois was proud to pass a Fair Elections Bill through the Illinois Senate in 2017. We look forward to continuing the fight to ensure Illinoisans have an equal say in our Democracy.

Common Cause Illinois has an innovative, pragmatic, and comprehensive pro-democracy agenda. We lead and define the democracy reform movement, promoting solutions already succeeding in some communities to shift power to the people. A primary way we implement this agenda is through strategic community organizing. We empower our members to organize in their schools, neighborhoods and communities. We provide support through training, events and educational programs to make sure they can hold their representatives accountable.

Common Cause Illinois knows the ultimate power in a democracy is the people. We are over a million powerful, fearless, ordinary Americans working together to build a democracy that works for us all.

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