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Our democracy has overcome its fair share of challenges this year — including a nationwide pandemic, the aggressive spread of disinformation, and shameful efforts to suppress our right to vote — but we still have important work to do. Change doesn’t just take place on Election Day — democracy starts with people like you and me taking an active role in our communities and working on the issues that affect us and our families.

And on this Giving Tuesday, the biggest impact you can make — as a voter, an activist, or a citizen — is on the state and local level. Will you chip in and fuel our efforts to ensure that our democracy works for all of us?

Voting Rights & Elections

Safeguarding our elections during a pandemic

Learn more about our fight to protect the vote during this unprecedented crisis

Illinois Deserves Government That Represents All of Us

Common Cause Illinois organizes, lobbies and builds coalitions to create a stronger democracy in the land of Lincoln. Join us as we fight for solutions that will create a better society for all of our state's residents, including reducing the influence of money in politics, holding public officials accountable, creating a more representative government, and ensuring that every vote counts.

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Getting AVR passed was just one victory in the long battle for better elections in Illinois.

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