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Advocacy: We organize people across Illinois to get involved in their community, express their opinions on policy, and more


Fighting for a more responsive, inclusive democracy

We advocate for a democracy where everyone participates and everyone’s voice and vote are counted equally — where everyone plays by common sense rules. We fight for reforms at all levels of government to make government more transparent, ethical, and effective for the people. We also work to hold accountable those who break the public’s trust. Our work includes ethics reform, redistricting reform, campaign finance reform, and more.

Our successes so far

Our members were key to helping to pass automatic voter registration in Illinois. We’ve argued for comprehensive ethics reform in the General Assembly and continue to fight for a broad-based ethics bill that will fix Illinois’ reputation and hold all government officials more accountable. We are also a leader in the democracy reform arena, serving as a resource for other organizations to assist them in doing good work in their local communities. We’ve put together the largest nonprofit election protection program in Illinois history, and we’re also busy developing and training the next generation of leaders in Illinois.

Common Cause Illinois advocates for fair elections and fights to protect the rights of every voter

Education: We put our expertise to work for the people of Illinois through our public education programming and internship program


Our Public Education Programming

Knowledge is power, which is why public education is a core part of the work we do. Our seminars, roundtable discussions, and presentations have helped educate thousands across the state on issues such as the census, ethics, money & politics, and more.

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