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Voting & Elections 12.8.2015

Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments Today in Evenwel Challenge to Equal Representation for All

Cook County and the City of Chicago Joined Brief Organized by Common Cause Backing a Count of All People for Redistricting State Legislatures

Voting & Elections 10.1.2015

Equal Representation Threatened in Evenwel v. Abbott

The Supreme Court should reject claims by two Texas voters that the state has unconstitutionally diluted the value of their ballots by drawing election districts with equal numbers of citizens but unequal numbers of voters, Common Cause argues in two briefs filed last week in Evenwel v. Abbott.

Voting & Elections 08.27.2015

Common Cause IL Statement to FEC Chair on Need For Campaign Finance Reform

Common Cause Illinois Executive Director Brian Gladstein Testifies to FEC Chair on the Need For Campaign Finance Reform

Money & Influence 07.22.2015

Common Cause Illinois Statement on Blagojevich Ruling

Common Cause Illinois Incoming Executive Director, Brian Gladstein statement on Rod Blagojevich Ruling.


Brian Gladstein named Executive Director for Common Cause Illinois

Common Cause Illinois (CCIL) is pleased to announce Brian Gladstein as its new Executive Director. Mr. Gladstein succeeds Rey Lpez-Caldern, who will join the national staff of Common Cause.

Ethics 03.18.2015

It’s Time for Congress to Get Rid of the “I Didn’t Know Better” Excuse

Rep. Aaron Schock’s resignation makes an open and shut case for stronger ethics enforcement and training in Congress. Ignoring yet another case of an elected official’s egregious misconduct will only perpetuate the already high level of mistrust by the people of Illinois.

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