Statement on Gov. DeSantis Signing Anti-Voter Measure into Law

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TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Ron DeSantis signed S.B. 7050, a massive piece of election-related legislation that places restrictions on community groups who register new voters and also creates an exemption to Florida’s long-standing “resign to run” laws. 


The following is a statement from Amy Keith, Common Cause Florida’s program director

“It will once again be harder for Floridians to register and vote going forward, thanks to the set of unnecessary and discriminatory barriers signed into law today by Gov. DeSantis. Meanwhile, his friends in the legislature saw fit to ignore the needs of millions of Floridians this legislative session but deliver an enormous gift to the governor: a carve-out from Florida’s ‘resign to run’ laws so he can run for president. 

Floridians deserve better. We deserve state leaders laser-focused on ensuring that each and every eligible person in this state can vote without facing barriers or intimidation. But what we saw this year was a desire to hand out special favors to a few while making it harder for the people of this state to have their say come Election Day.”