Amy Keith Named Executive Director of Common Cause Florida

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — Common Cause announced today that current Florida Program Director Amy Keith will lead the nonpartisan organization’s democracy reform agenda as Common Cause Florida’s next Executive Director. Over the last year, Keith has led the organization’s voting rights, redistricting, and accountability work, including its congressional redistricting case, Common Cause Florida v. Byrd, which awaits a decision in federal court. She will step into her new role on Friday, December 1. 

“Amy’s two decades of coalition building experience will serve the people of Florida well in her new role,” said Common Cause interim co-president Marilyn Carpinteyro. “Amy has already notched important pro-democracy victories—including protecting the freedom of speech, spearheading statewide voter protection efforts, and challenging gerrymandered voting maps in court.” 

As Program Director for Common Cause Florida, Keith helped defeat legislation that would make it easier for partisan actors to silence critics and damage a free and independent press. She also co-led a nonpartisan coalition of over 40 organizations that successfully protected access to the ballot across the state during the 2022 midterm elections. Additionally, in September she took the stand in federal court as part of the lawsuit challenging Gov. DeSantis’ gerrymandered congressional map.  

I am proud of the organization’s legacy and honored to be selected to help further it as the next Executive Director,” Keith said. “Common Cause has a long and impressive history of fighting for a more inclusive democracy in Florida, from sunshine laws, to the Fair Districts Amendments, to election protection. Florida faces critical challenges in 2024, and I am ready to lead our Common Cause team as we continue to hold our leaders accountable so all Floridians can make their voices heard.” 

Prior to joining Common Cause, Keith had a 20-year career in international crisis response and refugee protection and worked in the democracy space in Florida leading election protection with the League of Women Voters.  

Keith has recently been quoted in PBS News Hour, the Tampa Bay Times, the Florida Phoenix, and her writing has been featured in the Tallahassee Democrat and The Miami Herald.  

A resident of St. Petersburg, Keith holds a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Bates College. 


Common Cause Florida is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to upholding the core values of American democracy. We work to create open, accountable government that is of, by, and for the people. We strive to ensure that every vote counts, that every eligible voter can have a say, and that our elections represent the will of the people. 

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