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Voting & Elections 05.24.2023

Statement on Gov. DeSantis Signing Anti-Voter Measure into Law

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed S.B. 7050, a massive piece of election-related legislation that places restrictions on community groups who register new voters and also creates an exemption to Florida’s long-standing “resign to run” laws.

Voting & Elections 04.27.2023

Statement on 11th Circuit Court Anti-Voter Ruling in S.B. 90 Lawsuit

The appeals court reversed a lower court decision, leaving in place measures that will restrict access to the ballot box.

Voting & Elections 04.26.2023

Anti-voter Legislation Would Restrict Important Pathway for New Voter Registrations

A coalition of 36 groups sent a letter to legislative leaders warning that Black, Latino Floridians will face voter registration barriers.

Voting & Elections 04.18.2023

ADVISORY: Florida Legislature Surges Ahead with Voter Suppression Bills

A 108-page House bill was just released, containing a long list of anti-voter measures that will erect even more barriers to people's fundamental rights to vote.


TODAY at 11am: Florida Lawmakers to Hold Hearing on Bill That Hurts Public Discourse

Today, Florida lawmakers will hold a hearing on SB 1220, legislation that aims to take away the public’s right to speak freely.

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